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Acoustic Guitar Electric Guitar Lessons .com

Music - it has been around ever since the first caveman stood erect and discovered that tapping his club on his cave-dwelling neighbor's head produced melodious percussion sounds (probably followed shortly with the discovery of singing, after hearing his cave-dwelling neighbor yelping in pain).

play guitar This site offers extensive information on guitars (not cavemen), with an emphasis on beginners who want to (or have started to) learn about playing the guitar. Before you go any further, click here to add this site to favorites - there are many links on this site and you are encouraged to click anything you find interesting - then simply click FAVORITES or BOOKMARKS and you can return here quickly.

play acoustic guitar If you want to learn to play the guitar (or to learn more about guitars), this site will help you in understanding the basics and in selecting your guitar gear. Start by browsing the various Types of Guitars that exist. Some basic guitar playing instructions are also available to get you started. However, once you get interested and want to do more with your guitar - you should consider in-person training from a guitar teacher. Books, videos, and online resources may help up to a point, but there is no substitute for a professional who you can talk to and watch, and thus learn from much faster.

This website is laid out in a somewhat logical manner. Below are links to all the information contained on this site for guitar enthusiasts, laid out in a suggested order. This menu will always appear on the top left of each page. The section that you are viewing will be marked in bold so you know where you are, simply click any other item to view that page. Start with information about the various guitar types that a musician could use, or, click any item that you wish to read about.

  • Guitar Types The different types of guitars that are available, such as acoustic, electric, classical, bass, steel string, nylon string and more.
  • Acoustic Guitar Parts The parts of a typical acoustic guitar, with illustrations and pictures to help explain why these parts are needed.
  • Electric Guitar Parts The parts of a typical electric guitar, with illustrations and pictures to help explain why these parts are needed.
  • Acoustic or Electric Guitar Choosing between an acoustic or electric guitar as your first guitar or for starting to learn to play the guitar.
  • Buy Acoustic Guitar How to select an acoustic guitar to buy, be it your first or your 15th guitar.
  • Buy Electric Guitar How to select an electric guitar to buy, be it your first or your 15th guitar.
  • Basic Guitar Lessons The absolute basic guitar lessons, just to get you started and to build your interest so you will continue to play.
  • Guitar Notes How to play basic guitar notes, an explanation of why there are six strings and which notes each string makes.
  • Guitar Chords How to play basic guitar chords, a chord is a combination of two or more notes to produce a richer sound.
  • Guitar Tabs Basics on how to read guitar tablature (guitar tab) notation, the quick and easy way to play any music on your guitar.
  • Guitar Sheet Music Basics on how to read sheet music, even though guitar tab makes things easy, reading music notation is important as you get better playing the guitar.
  • Guitar Techniques Basic guitar playing techniques, such as bends, hammer ons, pull offs, trills, vibrato, muting and alternate tuning information.
  • Acoustic Guitar Types Information on acoustic guitars, such as the available sizes, length and scale, wood types, and strings (steel/nylon).
  • Electric Guitar Types Information on electric guitars, such as construction, strings, bridges, tremolo, pickups and other features unique to electric guitars.
  • Electric Guitar Effects Electric Guitars are usually used with effects pedals, which can produce new sounds such as distortion and wah-wah.
  • Electric Guitar Amps Electric guitars require an amplifier (amp), basic information about guitar amp features that you should know about.
  • Guitar Care How to care for your guitar, cleaning and storage instructions.
  • Child Guitar If you want your child to learn to play guitar, here are some tips and information on how to get started.





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